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Integrating Dzi Beads Into Mala Beads

by Eddy Hsu مايو 25, 2023

Integrating Dzi Beads Into Mala Beads

 Dzi beads can be integrated into mala beads in various ways. Here are a few common methods:


  • Focal Dzi Bead: You can use a single dzi bead as a focal point within the mala. This means placing it at the center of the mala, typically after the 54th bead. The focal dzi bead can be larger or have a unique pattern, distinguishing it from the rest of the beads.


  • Dzi Marker Beads: Another option is to use dzi beads as marker beads within the mala. Marker beads are typically placed at intervals throughout the mala, usually after every 27th or 36th bead. These dzi beads can have distinct patterns or colors that set them apart from the other beads.


  • Combination with Other Beads: Dzi beads can be combined with other beads to create a unique and meaningful mala. For example, you can alternate dzi beads with traditional mala beads, such as wooden beads, gemstone beads, or seed beads. This combination allows you to incorporate the symbolism and energy of dzi beads while maintaining the overall structure of the mala.


  • Dzi Guru Bead: Instead of using a traditional guru bead, you can replace it with a larger and more elaborate dzi bead. The guru bead is typically located at the end of the mala and signifies the completion of one full round of recitations or meditation. Using a dzi guru bead adds a special significance and energy to the mala.


When integrating dzi beads into a mala, it's important to consider your personal intention, symbolism, and aesthetic preferences. Experiment with different arrangements and combinations to create a mala that resonates with you and supports your spiritual practice.

Eddy Hsu
Eddy Hsu


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