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Double Criss-Cross Motif Dzi Bead Bracelet

Double Criss-Cross Motif Dzi Bead Bracelet

The bracelet is composed of a Single Dzi Bead complemented by Ten Ancient Faturan Beads. The Dzi Bead is adorned with the Double Criss-Cross Motif. On one end of the bead, there is a very beautiful blue inclusion. The burgundy complement beads accentuate the Dzi Bead perfectly.

The Dzi Bead measures 38.8 mm x 13.9 mm. It is an ancient bead, estimated to be between 500 to 800 years old. The Faturan beads are antique as well.

Faturan, is an amberoid, meaning it is a synthetic material made to imitate amber. It was invented in the late 1700's by the Egyptian chemist Faturan.

The main reason for this invention, as with other materials imitating amber, was the scarcity, high price and fragility of amber of the Arabic region, reasons that made the use of amber for prayer beads very difficult.

The exact formula of this material has remained unknown. The mystery surrounding it contributes to the legend created and to the appreciation of this material among collectors.

It is believed that among the ingredients are powdered amber, mastic resin, frankincense, turpentine, natural dyes, such as wine, and phenol resin, a component of bakelite.

Faturan was a favourite material for prayer and worry beads mainly in Egypt, Turkey and Greece. Its production stopped in 1940, due to World War II and the original formula has not been reproduced ever since. For this reason, this material is today hard to find and highly collectable.

This bracelet is composed of Ten Ancient Faturan Beads. The beads are perfectly matched in terms of color. They are in exceptional condition. Each bead measures roughly 15.0 mm x 10.0 mm. The beads were originally part of a larger necklace with many more similar beads. The beads in the very best condition were picked to form this bracelet.

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