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Carnelian Dzi & Pema Raka Dzi

Carnelian Dzi, also known as Pema Raka or Pema Raga, is a category of Dzi that is very often misunderstood by collectors.  This is because the term “carnelian” as used by geologists covers a different range of stones as when the term “pema raka” is used by Dzi collectors.  In other words, “carnelian” and “pema raka” don’t mean the same thing.  However, they share some overlapping areas.

From a geologist’s perspective, carnelian is an orangish-red to brownish-red mineral sometimes used as a semi-precious gemstone.  Carnelian is a type of agate, which in turn is a type of chalcedony.  The red color is the result of the presence of impurities of iron oxide at the time of the stones formation.

Dzi collectors use the term pema raka to refer to any semi-precious or precious stone that is red, including jasper, agate, and even ruby.  This is because the Tibetan words “pema raka” originates from the Sanskrit words “padma” and “rakta” meaning lotus and blood respectively.  Ancient Tibetans held these stones in high regard, as they were thought to be gifts from the gods.