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The Three-Eye Dzi Bead: Symbolism and Significance

by Eddy Hsu 4월 15, 2024

The Three-Eye Dzi Bead: Symbolism and Significance



Dzi beads, revered as “heaven’s pearls,” hold immense spiritual value. Among the various types, the Three-Eye Dzi stands out for its unique symbolism. Let’s explore its meaning, properties, and the wisdom it imparts.

The Triad of Luck and Prosperity

  1. Three Stars of Luck: The Three-Eye Dzi represents the trinity of fortune: happiness, honor, and longevity. These three stars align to bring continuous wealth and health to the bead’s owner.

  2. Kubera, the Wealth God: In Buddhism, the Three-Eye Dzi symbolizes Kubera, the god of wealth. Kubera embodies prosperity in all realms. Wearing this bead attracts financial abundance and blessings from the universe.

  3. Harmony and Balance: Just as the three eyes work together harmoniously, this bead harmonizes its owner’s body, mind, and heart. It fosters equilibrium, ensuring well-being on all levels.

Path to Fulfillment

  1. Financial Wealth: The Three-Eye Dzi is a potent talisman for attracting wealth. Its energy resonates with abundance, opening doors to opportunities and success.

  2. Longevity and Joy: As an emblem of longevity, this bead brings joy and positivity. It balances the wearer’s life force (chi), promoting overall health.

  3. Life-Changing Events: For those seeking transformation, the Three-Eye Dzi offers good fortune. It aligns the stars in your favor, guiding you toward positive changes.

Wearing the Three-Eye Dzi

  1. Choosing Your Bead: Each Three-Eye Dzi carries unique patterns. Select one that resonates with your intentions—whether it’s wealth, health, or balance.

  2. Setting Intentions: As you wear the bead, set clear intentions:

    • Wealth: Invite financial prosperity.
    • Health: Enhance well-being.
    • Balance: Harmonize your inner energies.
  3. Cleansing and Activation: Regularly cleanse your Dzi bead under running water or moonlight. Infuse it with your desires and positive energy.


The Three-Eye Dzi Bead is more than adornment; it’s a conduit for cosmic forces. May it guide you toward prosperity, joy, and longevity. To explore authentic Dzi beads, visit Ancient Dzi Shop1.


Eddy Hsu
Eddy Hsu


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