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New Dzi & Vintage Dzi

New Dzi is a category that can be very confusing to the novice collector.  The term “new” when used to speak about Dzi covers a long stretch of time.  It covers gift shop type beads coming out of factories as we speak all the way to vintage beads produced in Taiwan in the early 1980's

The best of New Dzi were produced in Taiwan in the early 1980’s.  These beads represent the finest craftsmanship available in the Dzi market now.  They are so highly valued that the Tibetan community and other Buddhist communities around the world have been actively sourcing and collecting them.  In short, they have become highly collectible in their own rights.

As mentioned earlier, New Dzi covers a wide range.  The most recent of them are coming from China and Southeast Asia.  These beads can vary greatly in quality.  On the lower end, Dzi can be seen in touristy area gift shops sold as fashion accessories.  But, the best of the best, deserve some attention.