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Vintage Eight Eye Motif Dzi Bead (TaD-V-EiE-082223)

Vintage Eight Eye Motif Dzi Bead (TaD-V-EiE-082223)

This bead is adorned with the Eight Eye Motif. The Eight Eye Motif is believed to help its wearer do well in all endeavors.

This bead measures 36.3 mm x 12.0 mm. This bead is a vintage bead crafted in Taiwan in the 1980s.

The bead material is high quality natural agate. There are bloodspots on this bead. However, the bloodspots are not prominent enough to warrant being labeled as such.

This piece is in excellent condition. There are no cracks on this bead. As with all antique dzi beads, weathering marks and minor digs are all part of the beauty.

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