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The Five-Eye Dzi Bead: Symbolism and Significance

by Eddy Hsu July 03, 2024

The Five-Eye Dzi Bead: Symbolism and Significance


The Five-Eye Dzi Bead, also known as the “Artifact of Long Life,” holds profound spiritual meaning. Let’s delve into its properties and the wisdom it imparts.

Elemental Balance

  1. Five Elements: The five eyes on Dzi beads represent the five elements:

    • Earth: Associated with stability, grounding, and material possessions.
    • Water: Linked to emotions, intuition, and creativity.
    • Fire: Symbolizing passion, drive, and transformation.
    • Air: Representing communication, thought, and intellect.
    • Space: Associated with spirituality, connection, and the unknown.
  2. Harmony and Protection: The Five-Eye Dzi brings balance and harmony to the wearer’s life. It is believed to protect against harm and promote good luck.

Blessings from Wealth Gods

  1. Prosperity: These Dzi beads are considered a representation of blessings from the five Wealth Gods. Wearing them attracts prosperity and affluence.

  2. Longevity and Good Fortune: The Five-Eye Dzi is believed to help encounter good-willed people and ensure a long, wealthy life.

Wearing the Five-Eye Dzi

  1. Intentions: As you wear the bead, set clear intentions:
    • Prosperity: Invite abundance and success.
    • Wisdom: Seek deeper understanding.
    • Protection: Shield against negativity.


The Five-Eye Dzi Bead transcends mere adornment—it’s a conduit for blessings, balance, and positive energies.

Eddy Hsu
Eddy Hsu


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