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About Ancient Dzi Shop

Welcome to Ancient Dzi Shop.  The Shop is run by Eddy and Kittery, a husband and wife team with the goal of providing a reputable place for buying authentic dzi beads.  We also hope to promote greater understanding of dzi to the world.  We are dzi aficionados and have been collecting dzi for a long, long time, yet dare not claim to be all knowing.  We want to exchange and share information about various types of dzi with both novice and veteran collectors.  Many of our fellow enthusiasts know plenty themselves, and in many aspects know much more than we do.  Through this endeavor, we hope to educate and enrich all those who pass through Ancient Dzi Shop, ourselves included. 


Ancient Dzi Shop aims to create a venue for dzi enthusiasts where questions may be asked, answers can be found, and even odd tidbits can be shared in comfort amongst friends who have a mutual fascination with dzi.  All questions are good questions.  What is dzi?  Where do dzi beads come from?  What do the patterns on the dzi beads mean?  How come some dzi beads are so expensive?  No matter your question, we will do our best to help you build a better understanding of dzi beads.  Sometimes, we don't know the answer either.  But, we can certainly try to figure it out together.  We can certainly have meaningful discussions and exchanges.                          


We recognize the powers of dzi.  I myself can attest to having experienced the protective powers of dzi.  I can even go as far as saying that dzi has given me clearer thought, which subsequently brought into my life countless blessings.  We are very interested in this aspect of dzi and look forward to reading about your experiences in our Experience Forum.


While we do not deny the powers of dzi, we also want Ancient Dzi Shop to be recognized as a place of honest business.   We want our dzi beads to be appreciated purely for the aesthetics of the dzi beads themselves.  We do not intend to profit off of dzi by making religious affiliations, adding mystique, promising of great fortunes, or appealing to any other metaphysical aspect.


The dzi beads in our collections are presented in their truest forms.  We do not beautify the photographs.  You get exactly what you see.  We do not add “color” to the dzi beads by telling mystical stories about them.  We do not tell you the beads are thousands of years old and had fallen from the skies above Tibet.  In short, we do not try to persuade you into making purchases.  Instead, we present truthful information so that you can make the most informed decisions for yourself.