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Antique Mystic Knot & Vajra Motif Dzi Bead (TiD-Ant-MKV-103023)

Antique Mystic Knot & Vajra Motif Dzi Bead (TiD-Ant-MKV-103023)

This bead is adorned with the Mystic Knot & Vajra Motif. The Mystic Knot Motif (also known as the Pan Chang Knot Motif) is one of the eight symbols in Buddhism. It symbolizes the cycle of life, where there is no beginning and no end, as with birth and rebirth. When worn as an amulet, the Mystic Knot endows its wearer with a long and happy life enriched with endless good fortune that is uninterrupted by illnesses or setbacks. The Vajra Motif is a symbol of enlightenment, protection, power, and clear thinking. The Vajra is a sacred Buddhist item. It is the weapon wielded by Indra. In Tibetan “vajra” means “lightning strike”. This bead helps to ward off evil spirits.

This bead measures 47.1 mm x 13.0 mm. It is an old bead, estimated to be between 300 to 500 years old.

The bead material is high quality natural agate.

This piece is in excellent condition. There are no cracks on this bead. As with all antique dzi beads, weathering marks and minor digs are all part of the beauty.

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