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Antique Eye In Eye with One Eye & Mountain Motif Dzi Bead with Bloodspots

Eye In Eye with One Eye & Mountain Motif Dzi Bead with Bloodspots

This bead is adorned with an unusual motif. One side is adorned with an Eye In Eye, and the other side is adorned with One Eye & Mountain. It is believed its wearer would be blessed with clear vision and unparalleled wisdom. The wearer is further blessed with support for all endeavors as symbolized by the Mountain.

The bead measures 37.5 mm x 12.3 mm. It is estimated to be between 200 to 500 years old.

It is in excellent condition. There are no cracks on this bead. As with all antique dzi beads, weathering marks and minor digs are all part of the beauty.

The bead material is high quality natural agate. The etchings are skillfully done by craftsmen. Please remember that dzi beads are works of man. They do not fall out of the sky looking the way they do.

Bloodspot (Cinnabar Dot) info:

Cinnabar dots are also known as "bloodspots" or "硃砂" in Chinese. They occur when mercury and sulfur are present when the agate was formed. Mercuric sulfide (or cinnabar) is obtained when mercury reacts with sulfur. In its purest form, the color is a deep red. In fact, it is how vermilion pigment is made. However, it is difficult and rare to find it in its purest form in agate. The purest form, used to make vermillion, is usually obtained in labs where conditions can be controlled. In nature, there is usually other material present thus giving it slight variations in its redness.

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