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Vintage Heaven & Earth Motif Dzi with Bloodspot (TaD-V-BX-HE-082123)

Vintage Heaven & Earth Motif Dzi with Bloodspot (TaD-V-BX-HE-082123)

This bead is adorned with the Heaven & Earth Motif. The Heaven & Earth Motif is believed to bring the balance of Ying and Yang. It helps to gain fortune and eliminate obstacles. Businessmen are particularly fond of this motif because it brings prosperity and wealth.

This bead measures 36.7 mm x 10.6 mm. This bead is a vintage bead crafted in Taiwan in the 1980s. The bloodspots on this bead are a perfect vermillion color.

The bead material is high quality natural agate. There are natural cinnabar inclusions in the agate.

Bloodspot (Cinnabar Dot) info:

Cinnabar dots are also known as "bloodspots" or "硃砂" in Chinese. They occur when mercury and sulfur are present when the agate was formed. Mercuric sulfide (or cinnabar) is obtained when mercury reacts with sulfur. In its purest form, the color is a deep red. In fact, it is how vermilion pigment is made. However, it is difficult and rare to find it in its purest form in agate. The purest form, used to make vermillion, is usually obtained in labs where conditions can be controlled. In nature, there is usually other material present thus giving it slight variations in its redness.

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