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Antique Nine Eye Lotus Motif Dzi Bead (TiD-Ant-NiEL-W1)

Antique Nine Eye Lotus Motif Dzi Bead (TiD-Ant-NiEL-W1)

This bead is adorned with the Nine Eye Lotus Motif. The Nine Eye Lotus Motif is an amalgamation of the Nine Eye and Lotus motifs. It has the power of the Lotus Motif which is to purify mental vision, giving its wearer greater wisdom and enlightenment. It does this with the intensity of the Nine Eye.

This bead measures 51.9 mm x 12.9 mm. It is an old bead, estimated to be between 200 to 400 years old.

The bead material is high quality natural agate.

This bead is in excellent condition. There are no cracks on this bead. As with all antique dzi beads, weathering marks and minor digs are all part of the beauty.