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Ancient Two Eye Motif Dzi With Calcification (Anc-TwE-050824)

Ancient Two Eye Motif Dzi With Calcification (Anc-TwE-050824) 

This bead is adorned with the Two Eye Motif.  The Two Eye Motif is believed to bring good relations both at home and at the workplace.  It enables harmony between husband and wife, and it enables harmony amongst co-workers.   It is the favorite motif for office managers. 

This bead measures 45.1 mm x 13.7 mm.  It is an old bead, estimated to be between 1500 to 2000 years old.  The calcification is testimony to the extreme age.  There is a minor fissure highlighted in the close-up photographs.  The fissure does not run to the ends of the bead.  The structural integrity of the bead is not compromised.  

Minor imperfections, such as weathering marks and other signs of age all add to the beauty of old dzi beads.

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